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Media City Odense collaborates across industry, knowledge institutions, and the public sector. Together we can do more than we can apart, and we believe that development prosper at the intersections between journalism, content, communication/marketing, and technology. That is why we embrace media and media tech industry in a broad sense.

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Collaboration is our most important tool in the fight to attract talent and resources to the region and the industry, as well as to continuously launch business-critical development projects. Collaboration creates innovation, and innovation creates positive change. We can do more together than individually. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

A membership of Media City Odense strengthens the company through new knowledge, collaboration, innovation, change, networks and strengthened innovation power - and thus paves the way for increased growth and competitiveness.

A MCO membership provides access to a number of benefits


Together, we develop talents and products by opening up to partners as well as competitors.

We collaborate, share knowledge and solve common challenges together.