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MCO MediaTech Festival 

March 20-21, 2024

Experience the largest and most unique MediaTech Festival in Denmark, showcasing the latest trends in media, technology, communication, and production

Be a part of MCO MediaTech Festival, a two-day conference that offers a dynamic blend of inspiration, knowledge-sharing, discussions, and networking opportunities, all set in the state-of-the-art venue, G.A.S.A. Our festival showcases the latest advancements in communication, marketing, media production, and transformative technologies.

At the MCO MediaTech Festival, we strongly believe in the power of connection and collaboration. We aim to inspire you to push boundaries, leverage the transformative potential of the digital age, and actively shape the future of these industries.


Join the community: Join the vibrant and inclusive community at the MCO MediaTech Festival, where digital frontrunners, entrepreneurs, educators, and visionaries converge. Forge connections, exchange ideas, and explore partnerships to shape your career or business.

Experience the powerful impact of future trends and the digital age on transforming media. Discover opportunities at the intersection of technology, communication, and creativity. Enter a world where groundbreaking trends shape how we connect, engage, and create.

Be at the forefront of innovation and collaboration in the digital era. Join us at the MCO MediaTech Festival to shape the future of media and technology together.

:: MCO MediaTech Festival 2024 ::

three good reasons why you should attend



Explore future trends and innovations with digital frontrunners.



Network with visionary leaders and entrepreneurs driving the industry.



Gain hands-on experience tackling real challenges and creating solutions.

MCO MediaTech Festival 2023


The MCO MediaTech Festival 2023 took place on May 31st - June 1st. The festival brought together a diverse group of participants and speakers from around the world for two days filled with exciting insights, innovative ideas, and valuable networking opportunities. Under the theme "Everything is Connected," the festival emphasized the importance of managing platforms, users, and data within the media, advertising, and tech industries.

:: MCO MediaTech Festival 2023 ::


Get geared up for the MCO MediaTech Festival 2024 with our exciting warm-up workshops on March 19. All festival tickets include free entry to these workshops, but registration is required due to limited availability.

All our workshops were held around the city of Odense, and it was a great way to teach hands-on skills and expand your professional network across industries and companies. If we sparked a light of interest in you, please keep an eye out for MCO MediaTech Festival 2024 for new special, exclusive workshops.

MCO MediaTech Festival




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