Nørgård Mikkelsen is a new member of Media City Odense

Odense, 22.juni 2022

Nørgård Mikkelsen is one of Denmark's strongest advertising and media agencies based in Odense and Copenhagen. They are specialists in digital strategy, brand and communication development.

It is with great pleasure that we at Media City Odense (MCO) can welcome the advertising and media agency Nørgård Mikkelsen into the cluster.

"Becoming part of Media City Odense plays a good part in our focus on constantly developing the agency's competencies. When we can do it in a way that also supports the development of our hometown - then it makes really good sense. We look forward to being part of Denmark's budding media tech cluster, where we can help develop competencies, put Odense on the map as a city with lots of attractive companies and thus jobs - also in our industry and thus support the positive development the city in general is in. ” says Kasper Kjærsgaard Jensen, CEO and partner at Nørgård Mikkelsen.

Nørgård Mikkelsen has been an instrumental savings partner for Media City Odense since the beginning of the cluster and has, among other things, developed the entire MCO's visual identity.

“It is fantastic that we now have Nørgård Mikkelsen officially on board the cluster. Our why is like them to create value and I believe there is a lot of value to create together, especially when we can put our ambitions for the city together. Nørgård Mikkelsen is a huge capacity, and I look forward to seeing what we can develop together, '' says Anne Dyrehauge, director at Media City Odense.

Nørgård Mikkelsen was created in 1967 by Ove Nørgård Mikkelsen. Today, they have +80 employees, of which about half are based at the port of Odense.

Read more about Nørgård Mikkelsen here: https://www.nmic.dk/