Welcome to nxtedition - new member of the cluster.

Odense, 26.maj 2022

We are pleased to announce nxtedition as a new member of Media City Odense.

nxtedition has taken a completely fresh and innovative approach to media production and delivery. Built using the latest software techniques, the modular elements of the system are fully virtualized, so you can build the functionality you need and run it on local computers or in the cloud. Users can focus on storytelling, not on the underlying technology.

"TV production and delivery is a collaborative process, so it makes good sense for us to contribute to the collaborative initiatives in Media City Odense," says Jon Plougmann, Head of Sales from nxtedition. "We look forward to working with the other members to share ideas about our products, technology and our way of doing business."

Meet nxtedition at MediaTech Festival. They participate every three days.

Read much more about nexedition here.

If you want to know more about how your company can become part of Media City Odense, contact Anne Dyrehauge at anne@mediacityodense.dk