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The future of the media advertising market


Monday, May 12 at 09.00-10.30 at Willmore, Ryesgade 106A, 2. th., 2100 København Ø.

Media City Odense and Willmore invite to a free morning meeting 12 May - 9.00 to 10.30 in Copenhagen.

Advertising has always been a significant part of media earnings, but it is now seriously challenged. For are the tech giants about to run with it all, what are the media's opportunities in the advertising market of the future, and where should the money come from?

For the morning meeting ‘The future of the media advertising market’, we dig deep into what the future looks like for ads in a digital reality. And to guide us through it, we have invited two important players:

Peter Loell, Director, OMD

Peter Loell is director of OMD, one of the world's largest media agencies. Peter will point out the strongest trends and point out how media can navigate a challenging market, how media can navigate a challenging market where perplexed consumers and pressured advertisers redefine what advertising is.

Thomas Lue Lytzen, Director, ads & tech, Ekstra BladetThomas Lue Lytzen, Director, ads & tech, Ekstra Bladet

Thomas Lue Lytzen is director of ads & tech at Ekstra Bladet. He has helped prove that the future does not necessarily look so bleak. By taking ownership and challenging the market, they have shown that it is still possible to make money on ads.

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