The future can be predicted


If media could steer according to what they knew users were going up in a week, a month or just tomorrow, the future was bright. That future is just around the corner. Get to know how. Among other things, together with Supertrends.

Media City Odense and Willmore invite you to a morning meeting March 8 - 8.30 to 10.00 in Copenhagen

The future belongs to the one who knows it - and being able to see in the crystal ball is now a real possibility. What will happen, how will it happen and how to position oneself. Data, algorithms and the right analysis can tell us that.

At this morning meeting, we focus on methods behind being able to look into the future through science. With special focus on how it can be used in and by the media.

You can therefore look forward to experiencing Claus Brix (CEO of Supertrends), Sune Steffen Hansen (partner and director of Public Affairs at Rud Pedersen) as well Sofie Hvitved (futurist at the Institute for Futures Studies) at this morning meeting. We look forward to welcoming everyone.

You register for the event via This link.