Constructive journalism: historier, der inspirerer, viser løsninger og nuancerer. 


How do you show that problems can be solved and to involve viewers and users to a greater extent, so that they go from passive participants for active users? We will be exploring this for this year's first MCO MediaBrunch in 2022.

What is constructive journalism? How to find the constructive angle? And what does that journalism look like in the newspaper, on the radio or on TV? This is exactly what we will address when we invite you to MCO MediaBrunch on Thursday 24 February from 08.30-11.00 in the old railway station at Øster stationsvej 33. As always, we start out with brunch and network from kl. 08.30.

Get inspired when author and journalist Gerd Maria May introduces us to a new set of journalistic values, the FINT model, which stands for Community, Inspiration, Nuances and Trust. Gerd Maria May Hertz will give us an answer on how the journalist acts in journalism when the story it is to be present and made in conjunction with those for whom it is to be relevant.

The book: Constructive journalism - from idea to history, focuses on constructive journalism as a work with solutions, with nuances and perspectives in the stories - and with involving the citizens in that work. All with the aim of promoting democratic formation and moving society in the direction of something better. Together with the authors of the book, Kristina Lund Jørgensen and Jakob Risbro, we dive further into constructive journalism, and see how TV 2 Fyn practically used this in the coverage of the local elections 2021.

You register for events here: https://www.eventbrite.dk/e/konstruktiv-journalistisk-tickets-229351926787 

24. feb. 2022