On 16 November 2021, there will again be municipal and regional elections - this also applies to the 10 Funen municipalities. The election parties are by no means closed. In fact, the exact opposite. Therefore, Fyens Stiftstidende in collaboration with Fyns Amts Avis and TV 2 Fyn has created 10 events with debate, entertainment and goodies that will dress the people of Fyn for the local elections, which run on Tuesday 16 November.  

The three Funen media have arranged 10 voter meetings - one in each of the Funen municipalities - under the name Valgfolkefesten. The election parties take place at 16.00-20.00 and will also be broadcast live on TV 2 Funen's own channel, TV, on Tv2fyn.dk, fyens.dk, faa.dk - and a large part will be edited down and broadcast the same evening in TV 2 Funen's news windows on TV 2 and on tv2fyn.dk.

The program for the election party looks like this:


Torsdag 28. oktober Ærø, Søby Værft
Mandag 1. november Langeland, Ørsteds pavilloner
Tirsdag 2. november Faaborg-Midtfyn, Tulip bygning, Faaborg
Onsdag 3. november Assens, Assens Arena/sukkerfabrikken
Torsdag 4. november Middelfart, Kulturøen
Mandag 8. november Nordfyn, Otterup Geværfabrik
Tirsdag 9. november Kerteminde, Lundesgård gods
Onsdag 10. november Nyborg, Bastionen
Lørdag 13. november Svendborg, Naturama
Søndag 14. november Odense, H.C. Andersens hus


28. oktober – 16. november 2021