SDU Internship and Project Day


Join us when SDU opens the doors to the semi-annual internship and project day. There are two events: The first event is at SDU in Odense on 27.04.22 while the second event is in Sønderborg on 28.04.22.

This is the meeting place where companies and students through dialogue, can form an understanding of the various engineering subjects and create mutual interest in a possible collaboration during the studies.

If you participate as a company, you have the opportunity to participate with a stand as well as the opportunity to provide an academic presentation for students; up to 30 companies can hold a professional mini-seminar in a lecture hall. The seminar must be based on an academically interesting topic that students must / can work with at the rewarding company. The presentation is a maximum of 20 min + 5 min for dialogue.

You register for one or both events here:

SDU Odense, Internship and Project Day: https://event.sdu.dk/ppdagf2022

Sønderborg, Student Collaboration Day: https://event.sdu.dk/scdsonderborgf2022

27. 04.22