JFM explore AI with students

Odense, 6. maj 2021

Three students from SDU visited STEP in Odense last week to discuss their bachelor project in collaboration with JFM.

JFM have provided Patrick Nielsen, Frederik Helth and Mathias Kristiansen with access to data from the media group. The data gives the students a solid foundation to work with. And it also adds value to invite the students inside to collaborate, Dennis Vesti Brorsen, head of Data & Intelligence at STEP, says:

- Meeting the students gives us an insight into what the students and the educations can contribute in our subject area. In this specific case an exciting and alternative proposal for the model we have developed for personalizing editorial content.

The project inspires Media City Odense (MCO).

- It is projects like these that create close connections between the university and businesses. Students are given the opportunity to grappling real-world issues, and companies are given a chance to spot talent early. We need more of that, says Anne Dyrehauge, director of MCO. She attended the meeting at STEP.

The bachelor project is about how to recommend a new article that has not yet registered reading behavior, using an algorithm that predicts an article's interest in specific user groups. Ahead is another sparring session between the students and STEP before the deadline for the project in June.