Local election coverage on TV 2 Fyn will be analyzed via ai

Odense, 22. oktober 2021

MediaCatch, startup in the media tech cluster Media City Odense (MCO), will analyze content from TV 2 Fyn across TV and web via machine learning during the upcoming municipal elections.

The key word for the whole project is curiosity. This is what the director of TV 2 Fyn, Esben Seerup, says:

“We are very excited about the collaboration with MediaCatch. Both because we get hyper-concrete knowledge along the way, so that our journalism in our four-week-long and very comprehensive municipal election campaign can be balanced and adjusted via the collected data. And because with the project we get to explore and test what we can achieve with the help of this type of media technology. We will build on that learning for future projects. ”

For example, MediaCatch must map screen time across geography and political affiliation with face recognition and the faces of Funen candidates. In addition, a survey of age and not least gender of all participants.

“The project is based on our existing platform, but we have added new modules to be able to deliver the data material that TV 2 Fyn wants. We have built a flexible platform that can be expanded as needed, ”says Filip Wallberg, CTO of MediaCatch.

MediaCatch is founded by three employees from the University of Southern Denmark. They have recently got a number of strong investors on board, which means that the company is really gaining momentum. These are names like Keld Reinicke, Henrik Juul and Jørgen Lindemann. The company is part of the burgeoning media tech cluster MCO in Odense together with, among others, TV 2 Fyn.