local tv funen - new member of media city odense

Odense, 13. april 2022

Here at the office in Media City Odense, we love new members. We welcome the fact that we are growing month by month, and that more and more people can see the value of collaboration across industries and companies, which creates more innovation and pushes for positive changes in the industry and in the individual company.

That is why we are happy to welcome Lokal TV Fyn to the cluster. The station consists of a young team working with the Funen area and Odense. They act as a link in the local community across generations, where they create a unified starting point for development and communication.

“ Lokal TV Fyn er en helt særlig TV station. Vores mål er at skabe et nyt niveau i kvalitet og indhold inden for lokal-journalismen herunder lokal TV. For at de danske medier kan forblive relevante, centrale og vigtige aktører er det nødvendigt at tænke i nye baner. Derfor er vi glade og stolte over at indgå i et fælleskab med Media City Odense, hvor vi kan bidrage til en positiv, inkluderende og stærk udvikling af mediebranchen.

Local TV Fyn is a young editorial staff and one of our focus areas is to inspire and motivate young people for education and business. In addition, the editorial staff must strengthen young people's personal and professional competencies and act as a springboard into the media industry. We work daily with young volunteers who are curious about media production or who want a good community and here we are proud to see that Lokal TV Fyn is growing as part of the local community. As part of the new generation, we must ensure that the media industry can accommodate diversity. In this connection, we are very proud that the station has become a safe base for a large group of younger women who want to try their hand at the technical part of media production.

As a young editorial team, we also have a strong focus on digitization and the various opportunities that various platforms can offer. That's why we can be found in most places including TikTok, Instagram and Youtube.

Lokal TV Fyn arbejder i og med lokalmiljøet og vi ønsker at vise, at lokal TV stadig har en rolle at spille når det kommer til at fortælle historier fra nærområdet.“ udtaler Pernille Callesen Lorup, adm. direktør ved Lokal TV Fyn

We always have room for more members in the cluster, so contact director Anne Dyrehauge (anne@mediacityodense.dk) if you are interested.