Odense, 2.september 2021

MediaCatch was founded by three employees at SDU and has just closed an investment round featuring three smart investors who are now part of an active investor team around MediaCatch. These are big names behind the project. If you deal with the world of advertising, then you know who Henrik Juul is. If you are in the business world, the same applies to Jørgen Lindemann. And if you are in the media industry, you know Keld Reinicke.

Unique investors who, with their knowledge and help, must help MediaCatch enter the market. Henrik Juul, the one in Denmark, knows the most about the advertising industry. Jørgen Lundemann, who is a professional businessman with extensive experience with both large sponsorship contracts and with scaling companies. Keld Reinicke, who has an in-depth knowledge of all new media and old media.

With this capital increase, MediaCatch can lift its ambitions.

- We must scale both vertically and horizontally. It may well be that MediaCatch was founded in Denmark, but we are not just a Danish product. We have to travel to many countries with our technology and platform, says CEO Lars Damgaard Nielsen.

MediaCatch is the next generation audio and visual media intelligence software. The company does brand and media analysis and offers a range of products such as sponsorship analytics and media monitoring. Over the past year, MediaCatch has tested its software in collaboration with some of the largest Danish brands and organizations.

"We are extremely proud to have MediaCatch on board Media City Odense, and we are delighted to be part of the journey," says MCO's director Anne Dyrehauge.