Media cluster has growing rapidly: TV2 Nord will become part of Media City Odense

Odense,  20. januar 2023

The regional TV station TV2 Nord joins the media tech cluster Media City Odense (MCO). It was presented at a meeting today, where the cluster's director Anne Dyrehauge was invited to Aabybro to tell the employees at the station about the new opportunities that membership brings. 

The news sends a strong signal that the burgeoning media cluster is not just for Funen companies, but is a national player that has ambitions to gather and strengthen the entire Danish media and media tech industry.

- We look forward. The project makes sense, even if we have to have a long-distance relationship with the cluster's secretariat in Odense. I hope that MCO develops to be nationwide and not just a village in Funen. I think we can help with that, and if so, it's all worth it. We need to think new and stay current if we are to continue to be relevant as media, and I think we do that better by working closely together and being proactive, siger Mikael Justesen, direktør ved TV2 Nord.

The cluster initiative was established in Odense in January 2021 and was founded by TV 2 Danmark, JFM, TV 2 Fyn and SDU. TV2 Nord enters a community for knowledge and development, which at the time of writing comprises 23 companies, including the marketing agency Nørgård Mikkelsen, the communications company KommPress, the educational institution UCL and several production and media tech companies such as Profox and MediaCatch. 

- We are really excited to have TV2 Nord join the community. They share our ambitions for the cluster, and we have several projects that they will be able to connect to, and which we believe they can help to lift to the benefit of themselves, the cluster and the rest of the Danish media industry, siger MCO-direktør Anne Dyrehauge, der glæder sig til at bringe Media City Odense mere ud i landet.



TV2 Nord is a regional public service television station that broadcasts news and current affairs programs from North Jutland. read more on


Media City Odense is Denmark's first media tech cluster that works to create collaboration across the media industry and the surrounding ecosystem. The secretariat is based in Odense, which is also home to the cluster's annual conference MCO MediaTech Festival. read more on

For further information, contact Anne Dyrehauge, director of Media City Odense, on tel. 30 100 385 or email