Odense, 6.december 2021

Meet the subject "Serial stories: A maker-lab", spring 2022.

At MCO, we are constantly working to create new opportunities and paths for the students when they enter the labor market and work professionally with the media. A new "maker-lab" subject with the title "Serial stories" points right into the heart of that work.

In the subject, led by Bo Kampmann Walther (Media Studies, SDU) and Lene Heiselberg (Journalism, SDU), students from all over SDU meet in a true cross-faculty spirit not only by their teachers, but also by the industry, which comes with fresh ” pains ”in the inside pocket. Specifically TV 2 Fiction, TV 2 Fyn, Egmont and Aller. The students must work with them, supported by knowledge of serial narratives - both in the world of fiction and journalism - so that "pains" can become "gains".

Maybe a new concept for measuring segments in the world of journalism will come out of it. Or maybe a new model to "build" fictions on multiple platforms. And much more. For those of us who are behind and looking forward to the course of spring ’22, it's a bit like a Kinder egg: knowledge, reality and media. Homework? That's something we get for the industry!