UCL and Media City Odense Joins Forces

Odense, 1. februar 2022

UCL Business is now officially part of the media tech cluster Media City Odense (MCO).

We are pleased to welcome UCL Business's department for Business Development, Service & Experience Economy as a member of Media City Odense.

“Strong relations with the outside world are the foundation of our work with educational development and student involvement, where project and business development go hand in hand with (education) and competence development. That is why we are already entering the cluster with a single education and see it as a strategic relationship that is about a very concrete educational collaboration and educational innovation. Media City Odense has a fantastic vision and has many exciting perspectives for the educations in my department, ”says Jane Hansen, Head of Education for Business Development, Service & Experience Economics at UCL. She continues:

“In my department, we work with business development and experience economics, and we strive to target our educations to the wishes of the customers, our analyzes of the future labor market and our students' dreams. Media planning, project management, eSports, storytelling, behavioral design and entrepreneurship, also within mediatech, are some of the key words that are absolutely central to our development of the content of the educations. ”

UCL strengthens Media City Odense's ambition to build a bridge between business and educational institutions.

“UCL is an incredibly strong player, and we are so happy that we can now kickstart the collaboration with such a relevant part of their impressive education portfolio. We have several exciting projects in the pipeline together, including with our upcoming MediaTech Festival and in the work to ensure a competent workforce for the media tech industry, ”says Anne Dyrehauge, director of Media City Odense.

Collaboration on matchmaking XR workshops

In addition to the membership, Media City Odense also enters into a collaboration with UCL on two matchmaking XR workshops.

Both UCL and MCO support collaboration across industries that can explore and test new creative and business opportunities. That’s why XR developers, filmmakers, and content producers meet across the board twice during the spring to work on how existing narratives can be communicated via new visual, digital interactive, and creative serial content and game formats using XR.

"The goal is that in the process, new ideas emerge for how stories can be told, plus that there is a super good chance to meet exciting actors from our own as well as other industries," says Lars Bojen, who is the man behind the project and project manager in XR Lab in UCL's Department of Marketing, Digital Design and Development.

The two workshops are created with support from Vision Denmark's innovation pool and with support from FilmFyn.