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AI in daily life of the media


Media City Odense and Willmore invite to a free morning meeting April 27 - 9.00 to 10.30 in Copenhagen, Ryesgade 106A, 2., 2100, København Ø.

We warms up for this year's MCO MediaTech Festival in Odense on 1-3. June with a series of morning meetings where we go close to the crucial trends in the media industry. On April 27, we take a closer look at AI and machine learning in the daily life of the media. We dive into concrete processes and opportunities that are either part of everyday life or can become so in a little while. In addition, we provide a bid and a time horizon for some of the great achievements we are all waiting for, for example: the well-functioning automatic translation.

Read more about the presenters below:

Kasper Lindskow, Forsknings- og innovationschef, Ekstra Bladet
We can already present Kasper Lindskow, head of research and innovation at Ekstra Bladet. Kasper is leading one of the largest projects on the use of artificial intelligence for recommendation algorithms as well as understanding and generating news articles. With his large catalog of knowledge and hands-on examples, he tells how they concretely implement the new technology, what Ekstra Bladet uses it for, and what the future can offer

Jens Kaas Benner, Head of AI & Data Analytics, Alexandra Instituttet

Hvad bliver der arbejdet på inden for kunstig intelligens og AI på nuværende tidspunkt, hvor langt er vi kommet, og hvor er vi på vej hen? Det er tre vigtige spørgsmål, som Jens Kaas Benner kommer og fortæller om. Han leder bl.a. et AI team, der er i gang med at udvikle en ny robot-redaktør for forlaget Egolibris. Men kan det virkelig passe, at kunstig intelligens nu kan spotte den næste bestseller-roman?

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