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The time when organizations are sitting and waiting for the established media is over. With increasing success, they become media houses in their own right and gain a whole new impact.

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In a new reality where it is harder to find a place in the traditional media, but at the same time easier to do it yourself, we have seen an explosion of “new” media. Companies, institutions and organizations are increasingly doing it themselves and finding new and more users as well as increased relevance.

På dette morgenmøde sætter vi fokus på, hvorfor det er en god idé for organisationer og institutioner at etablere sig og udgive som medie. Vi sætter både fokus på, hvordan man gør, hvad der er at vinde, men også udfordringerne.  Vi gennemgår de nyeste eksempler og hører fra tre vigtige aktører på området.

Jacob Frische, Chief, Our Time, Nationalmuseets Mediehus.

The National Museum has launched the media platform ‘Our Time’. It should bring the museum's knowledge and research out to new target groups who do not necessarily visit the physical sites. Recently, the ‘Our Time’ project has been expanded with another 10 museums across all of Denmark. Hear the National Museum's media house manager share his thoughts on dissemination in a new age.

Timme Bisgaard, Editor-in-Chief, communication forum. 

Is one of the leaders in Denmark in trends within communication. He explains why more and more organizations are creating their own media, the use and meaning of the thought leadership concept, and why it is actually a good idea for organizations and companies to set up their own media instead of waiting for the phone to ring.

Jakob Sand Kirk, Strategic Advisor. ex. Organization and development manager in LO

Has many years of experience in organizational development and strategic communication in the organizational world. Jakob identifies some of the challenges that you as an organizational media can run into when navigating a political organization. But also what opportunities it can provide and how to make it a positive process.

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