At this year's last MediaBrunch, we put the spotlight on Metaverset. You will become much more clumsy on Metaverset and how the new world will affect your everyday life and your future.

Together with Sofie Hvitved, who is an Associate Partner and Special Advisor within Media & Technology at the Institute for Futures Studies, we will dive into the internet of the future - Metaverset. Everyone is talking about Metaverset after Facebook has chosen to be a big player and most recently made a name change to Meta. But what does this fusion of our physical and virtual world mean? What does this movement mean to us instead of being  internettet gennem flade 2D skærme, fremover i højere grad skal være mere omgivet af internettet på en ny måde? Hvordan kommer vores ’digitale tvilling’ og identitet i den virtuelle verden til at se ud? Vi er på vej mod en ny verden, hvor vi kan opdatere spillereglerne for, hvordan man eksisterer i et globalt samfund.

The meta-verse is comprehensive and it is not just for entertainment. It can revolutionize the way we as humans work, live and interact. Sofie Hvitved will take us into the big questions about the digital universe, the digital community, the tech giants and the future of humanity in the development and operation of the metauniverse.

The event takes place on Thursday 09 December from 08.30-11.00 in the old railway station at Østre Stationsvej 33. As always, we start with brunch and network from kl. 08.30.

You register for the event here: https://www.eventbrite.dk/e/metaverset-tickets-204326946397

09. dec. 2021